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Laundry equipment
Laundry equipment
Laundry equipment

The Slurry Mixer(pot) is one of the main equipment in the production of Powder Detergent, which stirs easily by paddles, and is attached with metal obstacle board inside for well mixing. It¨s put into material mannually or by mechanical equipments(by Screw Conveyor).

It¨s made of cabon steel or stainless steel materials according to the material characater, which can be heated by steam or hot water through the cover outside the tank. We can design and make complying with the requirement of customers, and also supply fixing-up in the factory service.

The Storage Tank is used for liquid material, and inter-processing product. The range of the tank volume is decided by the requirement of customers(500L-10000L). The tank¨s volume of 10000L or above can be made when fix up in the factory. The material of the Storage Tank is carbon steel or SUS304 stainless steel.

It can also attach stirring, warmth-keeping, liquid level positioning and other devices according to requirement by customers.


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