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Sulfonation production line
Sulfonation production line

EAEE supplys equipment for sulfonation which explores SO3 multipipes falling-film sufonation/sulfidation equipment. It is a continuously automation equipment, suitable for producing surfactants for detergent industry, such as Lineal Alky Benzene Sulfonic Acid, a Olefin, Natural & Synthetic Fatty Alcohol, Ethyoxyl Fatty Acid or Fatty Acid Ester.

The sulfonation equipment mainly consists of air drying, sulfur melting, sulphuric dioxide/sulphuric trioxide reacting, sulfonation or sulfation, aging & hydrolysis as well as exhaust gases scrubbing. The airstream generated by sulfur melting and sulphuric dioxide reaction will be filtered and cooled off, conveyed to silica gel drier. The liquid sulfur flow into brimstone furnace via melting tank. The pipes with filter should keep suitable temperature and the pressure of proportion adjuster pump keep lowest pressure to make sulfur viscosity to be in the lowest state.

The specially designed brimstone furnace is mainly used for sulfur burning. The liquid sulfur slump the refractory ball via pipes. The brimstone furnace outlet gas temperature is 650≧, the sulphuric dioxide density is 6.7% or also. After being cooled to the temperature in accord with the converter tower requires, sulphuric dioxide will enter it. In order to operate reliably, it installs pre-heating device which explores heating exchange device to make use of the heat by gases conversion, which is just suitable for sulfonation reaction, rather than electrical heating method. The air emission is zero contamination by exhaust gases cleansing to achieve environment protection purpose.


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