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Liquid detergent production line

EAEE supply custom complete liquid detergent production equipment. It features high emulsifying efficiency, good performance, samll particals which make end products fine and smooth in appearance with stable quality. The complete equipment includes these units via: water process device, slurry mixing device (slurry mixer), high squeezing cutting and homogenizing device, filtering, pouch packing or bottling machine and automation control system.

It explores natural temperature process rather than heating which huge saves energy and lowers investment. With staticly mixing technology application, it highly improve heating and cooling efficiency to get instant results by heating or cooling. Replaced from traditional fans/blades stiring, high squeezing and cutting principal shorten the production period. Therefore, it extremely improves output and lowers cost. 

Automation control system will be applied in the production. The formation will explore amount reduction weighing and fast-then-slowly two-times weighing which precision is greatly improved. With automatically adjusting PH parameters, the product quality is guaranteed and output is also increased which lowers production cost as well. Exploring decorative duralumin
steel plate and stainless steel railings in the worktalbes making, the complete equiment displays in luxury and splendid appearance.

The complete liquid detergent production equipment has been used to produce detergents for dish washing, textile cleaning, fruit and vegetable, shampoo, skin cleaning (hand washing), toilet cleaning etc.


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