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Sodium silicate production line

Synda has been manufacturers and exporters of Sodium silicate plant and machinery for the last decade. we offer the most recent and integrated technological controls that are most suited for the modern industry. With trackrecords of many projects executed in different countries, Synda is proud to be forefront in project engineering.


Compared with solid phase process, liquid phase process is featured by its low investment, simple in operation, lower material and utility consumption. Furthermore, the quality of its product is high and its cost is lower than the other process. And the products can not only be used to various situations but also be produced in different modulus.


Production capability: From 5, 000mt/a to 20, 000mt/a Main produce process: Material mix process, reaction process, filtration process, Concoction process.Accordingly, products produced by our machinery can be used for various applications and in different modulus.


Product quality standards:

a) Fourth national standard (Sodium ) (GB / T4209 - )

b) The fourth sodium silicate physical index:

c) Density: (20o) G / Cm3 1.368~1.394

d) Na2O%: 9.5

e) Sio2%: 22.1

f) Modulus: 2.2~2.5

g) Infusibility substance: 0.05


Material standards:

a) Quartz sand white or grayish white in appearance

b) Sio2 content98%

c) Granule dimension: 100~180 grid      

d) Concentration quotient: 60%

e) Sodium Alkali (GB209~): no color and slimy liquid

f) Naoh content: 30%

g) Na2CO3 content: 0.4%


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