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Automatic feeding system
Automatic feeding system

Automatic materials feeding system is designed to realize on-site monitor during the formulation weighing process. It has already been applied for detergent powder production to increase the productivity.

Automated materials feeding system with high automation monitor, excluding the disadvantages: inaccurate feeding precision in manual, instable quality and poor statistical management. The system which connects with factory's management network will transmit the instant production data which greatly improves factory management by realizing backup, enquiry, statistics in database and print function etc.

To optimize the productivity, this is a most effective method including technology and control precision improvement.
The Characters of automatic materials feeding system
1.High reliability
2.Accurate feeding to guarantee product quality
3.Simple operation, clear display and multi-functions
4.Optimal choice when multi-tasks choosing
5.Database enquiry function and could be compatible with LAN (local area network)
6.Emergency solution and manual operation in support
7.Good model choice with software and hardware to achieve best cost performance.
Automatic feeding system is divided into following parts

Material Feeding Part
Feeding part is used to add material from material storage (storage tanks) to measure equipment. Choose different feeding machine according to different material such as electromagnetic vibration feeder, helix feeder, single (dual) speed electromagnetic valve and various chemical pumps etc.
Weighing Part
Powders feeding by weighing. It is composed of sensor, standard parts, junction box, weighing box and display control working with apparatus to dose and inspect error.
Discharging Equipment
Generally, it¨s made up of venting-out valves, electromagnetic vibration discharger, helix feeder, electrical (pneumatic) valves and other various chemical pumps. All the equipment should be reasonably designed and selected according to the technical conditions at job site as well as the raw material's physical characteristics.

Control System
Process control is monitored by PC+PLC, supervision software must be reliable brand. Statistics management ensures database backup, inquiry, statistics and print functions etc.

1. Automatic or manual switch pushbutton:
On automatic condition: Without human force and produce according to procedures which have being set in program in advance. On manual condition: Operator can control each action (automatic valve and generator) separately or collectively, easy operation and maintenance.

2.Parameters setting and display: it is mainly used to set mixing time, speed, weighing, level measure and displaying temperature, pressure and level measure.

3. Technical process dynamic display: Display work flow and relevant animation through industrial control machine and touch screen to let operator know equipment running situations.

4. Parameter preserving: Store mature technical process of each workmanship into storage system in order to call it out when produce similar products in future, it saves a lot in cost and improves productivity.

5. Malfunction display: Real-time displaying each sudden malfunction and helping maintenance worker eliminate malfunctions, easy to inquiry history of malfunctions before and convenient maintenance.
With the rapid progress in global automated control industry, the solution of feeding system is becoming more optional and reasonable to meet requests at all levels.


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